Look at the Cross!

“We would like to see Jesus”, some Greeks requested the apostles, as John tells us in his Gospel. The answer that Jesus gave them offers us a key to re-live Easter: “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, […]

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Redes Sociales

Communicate with freedom of heart

The ease with which information is disseminated on social networks and the media is evident. Its impact is increasing. The power acquired by the information to summon, persuade or sell is felt. In recent months we have seen its effect in political maneuvers.  Their is exaggeration and distortion of facts when convenient. It seems that […]

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Have we celebrated Christmas?

Christmas day is over.  Greetings, lighted streets, family parties, traditional meals and religious celebrations. Life goes on, with the same work and the same worries, as if nothing had happened. The dream of a more just and conscientious world, more humane, seems to have vanished. What has Christmas left in our hearts? If we think […]

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Of Grateful Memory

In the light of the Gospel, the most important is the one who, like Jesus, becomes the servant of others (Lk 20, 26-28). St. Augustine reminds us that in our communities the presider should not be happy to command, but for his “service of charity” (Rule 7.3). Among us, the prior general is elected in […]

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My Appeal for Venezuela

The situation of need, conflict and oppression is getting worse in Venezuela. The daily information I receive from there is so worrying. “Basic food and medicine are hard to find. There is hardly any food for the children, sending several families to scavenge through the trash with the hope of finding some left overs to […]

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