My Appeal for Venezuela

The situation of need, conflict and oppression is getting worse in Venezuela. The daily information I receive from there is so worrying. “Basic food and medicine are hard to find. There is hardly any food for the children, sending several families to scavenge through the trash with the hope of finding some left overs to […]

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Saints of yesterday and today

I like to read the lives of the saints. I am interested in what they were doing and especially what they said, in their own words. One thing is to read their lives like an epic story, wonderful, full of virtues and perfection, and another when it is the saint himself who narrates his own […]

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Pentecost and interculturality

More than one hundred general superiors participated in the semi-annual assembly of the Union of Superiors General, held in Rome from May 24 to 26. The proposed theme was “Vocational discernment in an intercultural world”. The talks and the discussion focused on the interculturality of religious communities and their impact on vocational processes. We note […]

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I believe that Christ lives

Rejoice! Let us rejoice from the bottom of our hearts – Jesus of Nazareth lives! I believe that Jesus lives and is present among us. I believe that even today he infuses us with his Spirit, he transmits his peace and sends us to announce and to build a new world in which love, justice […]

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Creators of communion

It is now four months since the end of the General Chapter. For many religious and lay people, the Chapter’s decisions have been a cause for hope. New expectations are emerging. The reactions of the youngest, those who are middle-aged, and of the elderly, have surprised me. Over these months I have taken part in […]

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