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Tuesday, 27 September 2016
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Encuentro del Consejo General con los priores provinciales (Monachil, Granada)

Because the souls, even when they commit sin, have no other aim than to be like God with proud, inordinate and, in certain way, servile freedom.De Trinitate XI, 5,8...

Foto de grupo formación propia
September 2016.

Tres semanas de formación propia agustiniana para los jóvenes profesos de la OAR

Un grupo de 29 jóvenes profesos de la Orden de Agustinos Recoletos reciben en septiembre tres semanas de formación propia agustiniana, en el Convento de Santo Tomás de Villanueva, en Salamanca, con el tema principal "La interioridad agustiniana". Días intensos de estudio, reflexión, oración y encuentro…

August 2016. Roma

St. Augustine, saint and seal

The year 2015 is described in the report as the year of the Common Home, and stresses the various…

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Province of St. Nicholas of Tolentine

The Province of St. Nicholas was created by the first general chapter of the congregation which was celebrated in Madrid towards the end of November, 1621. From the first the new province acquired a definite mission profile. By the end of 2005, there were 344 religious in the province distributed among 9 countries—Spain, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, the United States, England, Italy, Mexico, Taiwan—and 54 communities.

The historical trajectory of the province of St. Nicholas of Tolentine was not without facing many historical challenges. There were times of joyful and rapid growth as well as downturns, severe crisis, and discouragement.

Its history was very much identified with the presence of the Recollects in the Philippines. For two centuries, the Philippines, with some excursions to Japan (1623-1632) and Guam (1768-1906) , were the only camp of action of the province. In the 19th century the crisis of the Spanish provinces obliged the province to open its own seminaries in Spain although the field of missionary activity was still the Philippines. Only at the beginning of the 20th century did the Philippines begin to share this monopoly with other nations.

The beginnings of the province reflect an epoch of fidelity to its particular chrism and with total faith in the same and in the synthesis achieved of the best values of the recollect spirituality. The priority among them was the organization of religious life. During the 19th century, the Recollects gained greater socio-religious significance in the Philippines. The evangelization of the island of Negros was its most brilliant achievement.

In 1941, the province entered into the area of education through which the religious hoped to attain greater social recognition, a more secure economy, and, above all, a more viable living of the community ideal. Little by little, schools began to replace parishes transforming both the work of the religious and the social recognition of the Recollect.

By the end of 2005, the province counted with 344 religious distributed in 9 countries—Spain, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, the United States, England, Italy, Mexico and Taiwan—and 54 communities.

Year of foundation: 1621
Number of religious: 346
Number of communities: 54
Nations: Spain, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, United States, England, Italy, Mexico and Taiwan.
Ministries: 59
Missions: Prelacy of Labrea

Seat of Provincial
Paseo de La Habana, 167
28036 Madrid


Houses directory

Houses pictures and addresses of the province.

The work of the religious became varied embracing government, formation, missions, and the care of destitute children.

The government of the province is the responsibility of the prior provincial assisted by 4 councilors and a secretary. They compose the provincial curia which is located in Madrid. The provincial has jurisdiction in the whole province but, normally, exercises the same directly relative to the 14 communities in Spain, and the 3 in China and Taiwan. In the other nations, vicars and delegates generally exercise jurisdiction.

At present, the province has two vicariates, Mexico and England and three delegations, Costa Rica, the United States and Brazil. The vicariate of Mexico includes the religious resident in Mexico and Costa Rica. The vicariate of England consists of the 5 communities located in that country. The delegations of Brazil and the United States depend directly on the prior provincial.

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