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Thursday, 18 December 2014
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Let Adam be recognized in babies born and unbaptized; let Christ be recognized in babies who are baptized, and therefore, reborn. Whoever does not recognize Adam in born babies, can neither recognize Christ in those reborn. Sermo 174,9...

December 2014. Filipinas

El Gobierno de Filipinas homenajea a san Ezequiel

El pasado 8 de diciembre quedó instalada en Puerto Princesa, capital de Palawan, una placa oficial que declara a san Ezequiel Moreno cofundador de la Ciudad. Se ha colocado delante de la catedral construida por monseñor Gregorio Espiga, último obispo agustino recoleto en Filipinas.

Haren Alde Madrid has organized two important events next weekend. On Friday at 8 o´clock in the…

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LIV OAR General Chapter

Date: 28.10.2010
The General Chapter of the Augustinian Recollects is the supreme authority within the Order. It takes place every six years and it examines the status of the institution. The Prior General and his counsellors are also elected in it and these then prepare a plan to put into operation the decisions taken by the members of the Chapter over the subsequent six years.
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