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Wednesday, 24 August 2016
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Las JAR en la JMJ Cracovia 2016

When God punishes him who sins, don’t you think that He is telling him: “Why did you not use your free will I gave you for the purpose that I gave it to you”, that is, to do good? De libero arbitrio II, 1,3....

Romanillos 1
August 2016. Filipines

Romanillos, elected president of the Filipino Academy of the Spanish Language

In the meeting convened for the purpose on Monday 22 August and by a unanimous vote, Professor Emmanuel Luis A. Romanillos was elected Director of the Filipino Academy of the Spanish Language, corresponding to the Royal Spanish Academy. He has been a member since 2005 and until today he belongs to the Board of Trustees as coordinator.

The year 2015 is described in the report as the year of the Common Home, and stresses the various…

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The Augustinian Recollect Friars Celebrate their Anniversary

Date: 19.12.2010
On December 5th religious, youth and members of the secular order from all over the world remembered the 422nd anniversary of the Order.
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