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Tuesday, 24 May 2016
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Thus, if there is no member of the body, at least in those which are seen, and, this no one doubts, which is not useful in some way and which is not, at the same time an embellishment. And, of these some are only ornamental without any obviously useful function. I would therefore conclude that when…...

1. Ariporo
May 2016. Colombia

Templos jubilares del mundo recoleto: 1. Colombia

En esta serie recorremos el mundo presentando los distintos templos jubilares con connotaciones recoletas para este Año Santo de la Misericordia convocado por el Papa Francisco. En Colombia son seis: tres se encuentran emplazados en Casanare, la histórica Misión de la Orden; otros dos corresponden a monumentos de la primera…

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The Augustinian Recollect Friars Celebrate their Anniversary

Date: 19.12.2010
On December 5th religious, youth and members of the secular order from all over the world remembered the 422nd anniversary of the Order.
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