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Saturday, 28 February 2015
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The way of the wicked attracts you because it is wide and many walk on it; you can see its width but you do not know where it leads you. Its purpose is destruction, its ending is infernal abyss; those who enjoy trodding on it will end up falling into it. But you cannot enjoy the sight and see its…...

February 2015.

Dionisio Selma, nuevo Provincial de la Orden en Filipinas

El 6º Capítulo de la Provincia de San Ezequiel Moreno, que comenzaba en Cebú el pasado día 17, ha elegido al nuevo prior provincial en la persona de fray Dionisio Selma. Era la persona más votada por los religiosos de la Provincia. Durante este último trienio, Selma era Vicario de la Provincia y presidente…

The Project managed by the Servants of Mary and would be carried out in the St. Ezequiel Moreno of…

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The Augustinian Recollect Friars Celebrate their Anniversary

Date: 19.12.2010
On December 5th religious, youth and members of the secular order from all over the world remembered the 422nd anniversary of the Order.
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