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Thursday, 5 March 2015
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Discuss the human changes; you will always find “was” and “will be.” Think God, and in Him you will find the “is”, without past and future. Then, if you want to be, transcend time. In Ioannis Evangelium Tractatus XXXIX, 10...

February 2015.

Fray Dionisio Q. Selma, OAR, the new Provincial of the Order in the Philippines

The 6th Chapter of the Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno, which started in Cebu last February 17th, has elected a new prior provincial in the person of Fray Dionisio Selma. He was the person most voted by the religious of the Province. During the last triennium, Fray Selma was the Vicar of the Province and President of the Secretariat of…

The Project managed by the Servants of Mary and would be carried out in the St. Ezequiel Moreno of…

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Liturgical calendar

March 5th, 2015



Jer 17, 5-10: A curse on those who trust in mortals; a blessing on those who trust in the Lord God.

Ps 1: Blessed are they who hope in the Lord.

Lk 16, 19-31: Good things came to you and bad things to Lazarus; now he is comforted while you are in agony.

Saint Augustine and The Bible: Reviews of St. Augustine to readings

Comentarios de José Antonio Ciordia, OAR

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