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Friday, 27 November 2015
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It is a just condemnation of your justice to bear with this mortal flesh, tiresome, sinful, full of vexations and scandals, enslaved by greed; because you said to the sinner: You shall die; and You shall eat your bread by the sweat of your brow. Enarrationes in psalmos 41,14....

Agustinos Recoletos en Luque (Córdoba)
November 2015.

La Orden de los Agustinos Recoletos vuelve a Luque (Córdoba, España)

Tras 180 años de ausencia de la OAR en la localidad cordobesa de Luque, han vuelto a estar presente en sus calles los frailes agustinos recoletos.  Este regreso tuvo lugar el pasado 7 de noviembre con motivo de la presentación de un libro sobre su historia en aquella localidad andaluza y la celebración de una…

Easter is a time of joy and fellowship; this most important feast of the Christians is also a feast…

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Agustinian saints

November 29th

Blessed Frederick of Regensburg, religious

Frederick was born, lived and died in Regensburg in Bavaria. He joined the Order there in what was at the time one of its most important houses in the thriving province of Bavaria. He lived the life of a Brother, faithfully serving the community as carpenter and woodcutter. Frederick was noted for his concern for the poor and for his great Eucharistic devotion. The legend arose of an occasion when he was too ill to attend the community Mass and an angel took him Holy Communion to his room. Frederick died on 29th November, 1329.

He was beatified by Pope Pius X on 12th May, 1909.

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