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Thursday, 23 October 2014
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In school children are introduced to matters that extol the works of God: praise for the sun, the heavens, the earth; and down to lesser things, the admiration of the rose, the laurel. All of these are works of God. They are presented, received and acclaimed; yet silence is kept regarding their…...

October 2014.

Aflora el mundo de santa Magdalena

En los alrededores de Nagasaki se están descubriendo algunas de las cuevas en las que los cristianos perseguidos vivían y celebraban su culto. Y en 2015 se celebrará el 150º Aniversario del descubrimiento de los “cristianos ocultos”, que en Japón vivían en la clandestinidad desde los tiempos de…

In connection with the movilization that has been carried out by the Augustinian Recollects with…

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Agustinian saints

October 23rd

St William the Hermit and Blessed John the Good, religious

Two of the most influential hermits among the ermitical groups that came together in 1256 in the Grand Union to form the new Augustinian mendicant order. Both were noted for their strict lives of prayer and penance after conversion from more wayward youthful ways – John had been a court jester. They have been venerated in the Order from its earliest days though they themselves predate it and recall its eremitical background. William was canonised by Pope Innocent III in 1202, John beatified in 1483 by Pope Sixtus IV.

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