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Tuesday, 26 July 2016
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Mes de Renovación en México

I was yet in love but I loved being in love and, by a most secret misery, I hated myself for being insufficiently miserable…It was sweet to me to love and be loved, especially, if I could enjoy the presence of the loved one. Conf. 3, 1....

Pavia 1
July 2016. Italia

Los jóvenes de las JAR rezan ante el arca de san Agustín en Pavía antes de llegar a Cracovia para participar en la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud.

Cerca de cincuenta jóvenes agustinos recoletos, JAR, que se dirigen a la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud de Cracovia se detienen en Pavía para rezar ante la tumba de san Agustín y renuevan en Milán sus promesas bautismales ante el Prior general de la Orden.

The year 2015 is described in the report as the year of the Common Home, and stresses the various…

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Agustinian saints

August 2nd

Blessed John of Rieti, religious

John was born early in the 14th century and entered the Order when very young. After a short life characterised by simplicity and service of his community, fervent prayer and Eucharistic devotion he died at Rieti when only seventeen.

His remains are preserved there in the church of St Augustine. His cult was confirmed by Pope Gregory XVI in 1832.

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