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Saturday, 2 August 2014
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In the material world, a foot is one thing, a ladder is another and wings still another. In the interior world, however, feet, ladders, and wings are the affections of a good will, with them, we walk, we climb, and we fly.Enarrationes in psalmos 38, 2....

July 2014. ESPAÑA

Las obras completas de San Agustín, en español y gratis a través de Internet

La Federación Agustiniana Española (FAE) ha hecho posible que desde ahora todas las obras de San Agustín estén accesibles al público para su descarga gratuita a través de Internet, poniendo al servicio de la sociedad en la página web www.augustinus.it el gran patrimonio cultural, filosófico y…

The Augustinian Recollects in Philippines have published these reflections after more than three…

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Agustinian saints

August 2nd

Blessed John of Rieti, religious

John was born early in the 14th century and entered the Order when very young. After a short life characterised by simplicity and service of his community, fervent prayer and Eucharistic devotion he died at Rieti when only seventeen.

His remains are preserved there in the church of St Augustine. His cult was confirmed by Pope Gregory XVI in 1832.

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