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Friday, 22 August 2014
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The man whose soul is governed by the spirit and whose soul governs his body, which cannot be done with God’s grace, is called spiritual.De diversis quaestionibus LXXXIII q.67, 5. ...

August 2014. SIERRA LEONA

Siete agustinos recoletos permanecen en Sierra Leona, país afectado por la epidemia de ébola

Los siete agustinos recoletos, cuatro filipinos y tres españoles, que trabajan en Kamabai y Kamalo en Sierra Leona, zona de riesgo por la epidemia de ébola, han decidido permanecer allí para atender a los más necesitados. La Orden pide orar por los misioneros y por los pueblos que atienden.

The Augustinian Recollects in Philippines have published these reflections after more than three…

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Amazon Light

Publicado el 24 de April de 2013

At the mouth of the Amazon River Portel mission has spread all over Valencia. The Augustinian Recollects of the parish of Our Lady of Light 93 serve base Christian communities scattered along the banks of a maze of islands and rivers in the Marajó Archipelago, one of the poorest areas of Brazil. Report issued in the People of God (TVE) on January 27, 2013.

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