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Thursday, 2 July 2015
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All rational life, if perfect, submits to the changeless truth which speaks inwardly in the conscience without noise but, if reason does not submit to the truth, it becomes corrupted.De vera religione 55, 110....

Mes solemne 2015
June 2015. Spain

Seventeen young Augustinian Recollects begin their month of special preparation for solemn profession at the Monastery in San Millán de la Cogolla

Seventeen religious from eight countries – Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, England, and Guatemala – embarked on the month of special preparation for solemn profession in San Millán de la Cogolla, La Rioja, Spain, on Sunday, June 28. All religious in the Order who have completed their time of initial…

It´s about the Education proposal for Development that the Augustinian Recollect NGOD Haren Alde…

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Amazon Light

Publicado el 24 de April de 2013

At the mouth of the Amazon River Portel mission has spread all over Valencia. The Augustinian Recollects of the parish of Our Lady of Light 93 serve base Christian communities scattered along the banks of a maze of islands and rivers in the Marajó Archipelago, one of the poorest areas of Brazil. Report issued in the People of God (TVE) on January 27, 2013.

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