The oficial web site grows by 35% during its second year of life and recieves more than 156,000 hits

Those who use the site are from 137 different countires: Spain 27%, Colombia 11 % Mexico 9.2%, the United States of America 5,9%, Colombia (11%), Brasil (9,6%), México (9,2%), Italia (9,2%), y Estados Unidos (5,9%), being the countries using the site the most. In November 2009 a new page was dedicated to Augustinan prayer, it was a great success and made a great impact in view of the many pageviews it generated. In fact this ‘special’ was the most visited part of the Order’s site in 2009.

On top of the sections on Augustinian Prayer, Augustinian thought, news galleries and new books but the most visited were the videos. On the other hand it is to be noted that as many as 9000 ‘search’ requests were made during the same period.

Good response to Facebook

Undoubtedly, one of the milestones achieved by the Webpage of the Order has been the use of its fan page on Facebook. The growth of followers has been constant and there are now 2.350 followers. Their profile is: 47% men and 50% women. More than half the users are between the ages of 18 and 34 and the most popular countries are; Venezula (40%), Argentina (18%), Colombia (9%), Philippines (7%), United States (4%) Spain (3%) and Mexico (3%).

It appears that Facebook is one of the 10 Websites that most traffic leads to the entrance of the Order’s Site. On Twitter, there has been a smaller response in Spain which is much lower than Facebook. The Order has 66 followers but have generated supporting Tweets, 22 in number which leads them ultimatly to the Order’s web page entrance.

More than 1.500 subscribers to the O.A.R. Newsletter

The O.A.R. Newsletter is now updated and presented on the web page with 1.500 free subscriptions and the numbers are still growing. During the past year they have grown by 87% and continue to increase. Mailbox contact the website received over 700 emails with queries, acknowledgments, requests for information opening a window on the world and a helping hand to those who wish to move closer to the Augustinian Recollect Order.

More than 150 titles in the library on line

After 2 years of operation, the balance of the online bookstore is satisfactory, because it has helped to bring the Augustinian culture to the whole world. More than 150 titles which are available in this space, and requests received in the short time it has been established, suggest that it may be a good instrument to continue the work of disseminating the figure of St. Augustine and spirituality the Order.