The Order presents for the first time in itsofficial web site the radio-novel “In the life of St. Augustine”

The work, composed of 52 chapters which will beshownin the coming weeks in,, presents the Confessions of St. Augustine in a series of dialogues and situations, which goes from the present to the past in Tagaste, Carthage, Milan and Hippo, with the family, friends, wife and son of the Saint, other than the sects and the convert, with whom Augustine shares a complicated historical context.

For Eduardo Barreda Castorena, the art, musical and narrative director, the radio-novela means the search for the intimate; is a point of companionship: “St. Augustine is exalted. Alipio and Posidio are among us. It is as though a machine of the time. They teach us from that which is very actual, because it comes from the joy. As the desire of the water, of the food; in this case it is the desire of hearing”.

Production and presentation in Mexico

Last November 16 the radio-novela was presented in the annual event in favor of the donors and benefactors of CARDI. During the event there were present the friars from the different houses of Mexico City.

In 2010, the Recollects Javier Acero and Pablo Panedas requested Tere Garcia the radio-novela. But in 2011 it already had the officially registry of the Rights of the Author and the title of the Order of the Augustinian Recollects. In the beginning of 2012, the recording offices of the Foundation for the Promotion of Altruism receive the actors who, under the direction of Eduardo Barreda and the production of Rafael Melgar Alvarez, will produce “In the life of St. Augustine”. The selected voices are the professional actors with more than 20 years of experience and recordings in the principal schools of dramatic art in Mexico.

Among the personalities which surround St. Augustine, are Faustino, Alipio, Posidio, Severo, Monica, Firmo, Heraclio, Evodio, Aurelio, two seminarians, a Manichean and many others. There is a total of 52 chapters and a participation of 56 actors.