The Pre-capitular Commission hands over the instrumentum laboris which will be used for the next General Chapter

During the first three days of the pre-capitular meeting, the members of the commission shared the contributions of the religious of all the provinces .  A total of 332 religious have participated, one third of the Order.  Included in it are the responses sent by the NGOd Haren Alde and the Secular Fraternity of Spain.

Instrumentum laboris for the General Chapter

The remaining three days were used mark out the type of report which is intended to be elaborated and compiled.  This consists of two parts  distinctly different from each other, responding to the two central themes which was proposed by the Chapter.

On the one hand, the assessment of the proposals of restructuring of the Order, gathering together from different points of view suggested by the religious about the advantages, disadvantages, challenges and means of accomplishing the restructuring of the Order.

On the other hand, the elaboration of the decisions focused on the most important and urgent aspects that the Order has to face in the present time, like the strengthening of the charismatic identity and of communitarian life, the creativity and dedication in the promotion of its genuine culture of vocation, the affirmation and reorganization of the initial formation, the projection of a permanent formation which revitalizes the consecration of the brothers, to put in place a leadership that corresponds to the respective communities, the insistence of the missionary spirit to drive the Order to reach out, sensitivity to the needs of the most needy, the configuration of an Augustinian profile of the pastoral ministries and the thrust of an education apostolate as a platform of evangelization beyond borders.

In order to tackle the work for greater efficiency, the members were divided into two sub commissions, who worked on both aspects separately and presented the work done for the approval of everybody.  The final draft has taken into consideration, in some occasions, the quality of the proposals (although they were seconded by few religious), in others, the number of religious who expressed the same line of thought  or line of work.

The final report was handed over to the Prior General of the Order on May 24.  Once examined by the General Council,  will be the instruentum laboris which will guide the deliberations of the Chapter, which will be celebrated in Rome from October 2 onwards.  From this final report an extract will be taken and be sent to all the religious of the Order through the provincial secretaries.