Fr. Juan Pablo Martínez, OAR: “The young people in the Church, in society and in the OAR are that living present that fills with hope and joy”

In this interview the olombian Fr. Juan Pablo Martinez, OAR General Councilor of the Order of Augustinian Recollects and President of the Secretariat of Vocations and Youth tells us about his career in the Order, the importance of young people in the Church and projects Which is starting up.

He was ordained in 2008 and in 2013 was sent to Rome to perform his studies of Liturgy. In the last general chapter he was appointed president of the Secretariat of vocations and youth, from which he serves the Order.

He points out that young people have always been very important in the Church but that is precisely when Pope Francis is continually reminding us of their role within the Church.

He speaks of the “vocational culture” that the Holy Father has also spoken on more than one occasion. A culture that is capable of immersing itself in the cultural reality of each country, of each young person… “It has to be a response and a motivation to choose to follow Christ.”

He enthusiastically faces his work in the Secretariat of vocations and youth, relying on the work done, knowing those responsible for various areas and vicarías to begin together the work that lies ahead.

As for the upcoming Synod of Bishops, the OAR will also send all the young people the questionnaire that Pope Francisco will send to all young people, so that the YAR (augustinian recollect youth) work in their communities and This way the OAR can also contribute to this synod.

During this six-year period, there will be 2 world youth meetings of the Order, one of which will coincide with the WYD to be held in Panama. Before the WYD the so-called “pre-day” is held, which consists of a meeting of all ARY in the world.