Presentation in the Philippines of the Augustinian online pedagogy course

During his recent visit to the Philippines by Fr. Antonio Carrón, General Councilor of the Educational Apostolate, in his meetings with religious and laity he insisted on Augustinian pedagogical and methodological principles.

“The Augustinian pedagogy,” Fr. Carrón insisted, “is based on an integral process (spiritual, intellectual, moral and will) aimed at bringing to light and energizing, through the cognitive force of love, all the latent potentialities in the student”.

In one of his first meetings with directors of the schools of Augustinian Recollects and augustinian recollect sisters of Manila and Cavite, the head of education shared the initiative of the online course of initiation to the Augustinian pedagogy that is already available in Spanish and which is Ending up being updated to English. Currently, more than 50 teachers from 9 educational centers in South America and Spain are carrying out this course which aims to offer an introduction to the person of Augustine, the Augustinian family, the Augustinian teacher, Augustinian values ​​in education, Augustinian pedagogical principles and The Institutional Educational Project of the Order (PEI).

With this online course is intended to facilitate training for all teachers of the Augustinian Recollect family, since it can be followed from anywhere and at any time. It lasts approximately two months and has the possibility of consulting doubts through an online tutoring.

In the Philippines there are more than 30 educational centers run and promoted by Augustinian Recollects and augustinian recollect sisters. During his visit to the Philippines, Fr. Antonio Carrón will have the opportunity to meet with the heads of colleges and universities of Manila, Cavite, Palawan, Cebu, Bacolod, Valencia and San Carlos, among others.

At you can download the summary of the Augustinian pedagogical bases and the Educational Institutional Project of the Order (PEI).