Regional meeting of young leaders of Augustinian Recollect parishes in Brazil

The youth leadership in the Augustinian Recollect parishes continues to grow and with the work of the leaders of each country, their presence in the different ministries is consolidated. In order to continue its work, several regional meetings were held with young community leaders in early May. One of them brought together young people from the states of São Paulo and Minhas Gerais, and another group of young people from the states of Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro.

The Parishes São João Batista and Nossa Senhora Aparecida (Capelinha) were in charge of hosting both meetings. Br. Clebson de Souza Rodrigues and Br. Sérgio Sambl, responsible for youth ministry in both regions, participated in the meeting. Alex Graça Lima and Bruno de Azevedo Mendonça attended as advisors.

The main theme of the meeting was “The vocation and identity of young people in the Church and in society” and developed around conferences, reflections, dynamics and moments to share experiences.

The young people who participated in the meeting came from the Augustinian Recollect Youth (JAR), Pastoral of Youth (PJ), Youth Missionary, Youth Encounter with Christ (EJC) and Youth Ministry.

As a fundamental objective of this type of meetings the organizers insisted on the need to strengthen the leaders of all the youth communities present in the ministries of the Order.

The meeting of the area of ​​Espirito Santo was attended by Bishop Santiago Sánchez, Augustinian Recollect bishop of the Prelature of Lábrea, who encouraged the young people to work for the Church and thanked them for their availability. Alongside him, Orly Coco, a layman who developed his work in Lábrea, was also present, who urged the youth not to “hoist the flag” of their own group or community, but to defend and work for the only flag of Christ, Which unites us in defense of the life of the Kingdom.