ARY Itinerary

The ARY (Augustinian Recollect Youth) itinerary that is presented is intended to be a common ideal that helps to walk everyone in the same direction: to become young Christians in the style of Augustine of Hippo. It is an Augustinian journey, because it is from there that you can discover the evangelical values ​​that nourished and filled the thirst for happiness of our father St. Augustine, a man and a saint always in full day.

If we talk about itinerary, we should not forget that, in its development and construction and implementation process, such important elements as the joint work on goal planning, continuous revision, innovation and, again, in practice.

It will also be necessary to respect the different contexts of our youth ministry, which will give shape to this itinerary of maturing the faith and, in turn, it will be illuminated by all those initiatives, ideas and experiences that could in the future arise.

You can download each of the materials below.

Materials to download the ARY Itinerary

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