JAVA: an initiative to promote vocations in the Philippines

“La vocación es en sí misma el corazón de la nueva evangelización. […] Es el llamado de Dios al hombre para una nueva era de verdad y de libertad, y para una nueva construcción ética de la cultura y de la sociedad”(Obra Pontificia para las Vocaciones Eclesiásticas 1998)

JAVA, INC. is an association organized to encourage young Filipino Catholic men to attain true knowledge of human values and Christian culture and inspire them to become Augustinian Recollect priest or brothers.

Is is also created to provide and support the Augustinian Recollect seminarians who are financially distressed.

The association was founded by Fr. Vicente L. Ramón at the beginning of 2014 and has its headquarters in the University San José Recoletos of Cebu.

During the first Board of Trustees meeting (23 Jan 2014), Fr. Vicente said: “Through this Association, we could truly helo and assist Augustinian Recollect seminarians by sponsoring them in their financial needs thru paying their tuition fees in the seminary. We might be still striving, a small association, but just like the parable of the mustards seeds – someday, with God’s blessings and will, this Association will grow with the support of the people through donations and will become sustainable and will preserve till end…”

Interested persons can become members or donors of the association.

A member is one who is a (monthly) regular contributor for a fit amount. While a donor is who will donate a certain amount at one time.

The contact e-mail address of the association is [email protected]