The Augustinian Recollect Missionaries elect their new Superior General

On July 17, the XII General Chapter of the Augustinian Recollect Missionaries began. Under the motto “Show us Lord your ways” sisters from different parts of the world met in the mother house in Monteagudo (Navarra), to carry out this general chapter. On August 5, the meeting ended with the election of the new General superior and the general council, who will be in charge of the MAR in the next six years.
The sisters attending the XII General Chapter have chosen as Superior General for the 2017-2023 six-year period, Nieves María Castro Pertíñez. The sister Nieves Maria in recent years has fulfilled the mission of novice Master of the common novitiate for America and Europe in Bogota.

The sisters participating in the XII General Chapter, Srs. Sandra Patricia Maldonado, Viviana Graciela Duro, Maria Nohelia Calle, María Consuelo Arias, Josefa Ariza, Nieves Maria Castro, Myrian del Carmen Neira, Olga Lucía Pérez, Simonia Martha Natal, Maria Esperanza Machuca, Genoveva Bueno, Amparo Téllez, Marlene Valani, Marina García, Luz Angelica Elisa Beltrán, Inés Zhang, Marisa Noemí Martínez, Madalena Costa Lopes, Rosalina Menegheti, after fulfilling the assignment received, last August 5 invoked the special action of the Holy Spirit to choose the sisters who will guide the congregation In the sexenio that begins.

New General Government
On the morning of August 5, after thanking the outgoing government for its service and the works carried out for the good of the Augustinian Recollect Missionaries, the Chapter Sisters elected Sr. Nieves María Castro Pertíñez. And proceeded to form the new general council, formed by:

First counselor or vicar and secretary and communication officer: Sr. Olga Lucía Pérez Rodríguez.
Second Counselor and Head of Initial and Ongoing Formation: Sr. Myrian del Carmen Neira.
Third counselor and charge of Mission in the local Church: Sr. Marlene Valani.
Fourth Minister and Minister of Education: Sr. Ana Rosario Martínez.
Fifth Counselor and Responsible for Sisters: Sr. Rosario Fernández
Sixth Minister and Minister of Vocations: Sr. Sandra Patricia Maldonado.
Seventh counselor and manager of Administration: Sr. Marisa Noemí Martínez.