The province of Saint Ezequiel Moreno begins its 7th provincial chapter in Cebu

27 Augustinian Recollects, including the Prior General, will decide during the next weeks the future of the Order of Augustinian Recollects in Asia. “We face the challenge of expanding our mission in other parts of Asia,” says the provincial prior

The province of San Ezequiel Moreno, present in the Philippines, Taiwan and Sierra Leone, began its 7th Provincial Chapter on Monday at the Talavera prayer house in Cebu. There will gather during the next weeks 27 Augustinian Recollects that will decide the future of the Order of Augustinian Recollects in Asia for the next three years. The Prior General, Miguel Miró, is present in the first of the four chapters that will be held in 2018.

The revitalization of the Order and its members will be the main line to be followed by the capitulants. Although the province of San Ezequiel Moreno will not be involved in the restructuring process, the general chapter held last year asked the province to expand its work to other Asian countries. This was stated by the current prior provincial, Dionisio Selma, in a previous message: “We face the challenge of expanding our mission in other parts of Asia.”

Within this process of revitalization, the provincial of San Ezequiel Moreno also points out as a challenge for this chapter “to reexamine our charism so that we are significant”. Dionisio Selma asks the faithful to include the fruits and decisions of this provincial chapter in their prayers.

The provincial chapter of San Ezequiel Moreno will have its own logo. It represents the heart and the book-proper Augustinian elements-the cross and the number seven, since this chapter is the seventh that celebrates the province. In addition also an official song has been made that has by name “Sharing our vision”. The lyrics explain the pastoral mission of the province as creators of communion.

Start of reflection

The first day of the chapter has been dedicated to reflection and prayer with the aim of reaching a fruitful chapter. The archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan, Sócrates Villegas, was in charge of presiding over the opening eucharist of the provincial chapter and the spiritual exercises that marked the first day.

Monsignor Villegas focused his reflection on three words: encounter, accompaniment and discernment. He urged “to be with the last, the one who is alone in society, those who experience inhuman treatment of their beloved human beings, and those who are abandoned.”

The archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan sent three questions for the capitulars to reflect on the day before the beginning of the chapter: Where is your heart? What is it that makes you happy? Where are you really?

After the first day of reflection and prayer, the provincial chapter has begun working sessions, which are expected to be extended until February 25. The analysis of the province has begun, what has been done during the last three years and what challenges lie ahead.

Three years of horizon

The capitulars will define during these weeks the actions that should be carried out in the next three years, following the call of the chapter generates the revitalization. To this end, the 27 Augustinian Recollects will be gathered tomorrow and afternoon at the Talavera house of prayer in Cebu. The Ordo Capituli (Order of the Chapter) marks the phases that will be followed during these days: informative phase, deliberative phase, commission phase and election phase.

In this last one it will be when the prior provincial is chosen, who will guide the province during the next three years. He could continue as prior provincial Dionisio Selma, who could still be eligible for re-election. Likewise, the capitulars will analyze the state of the province and decide on the actions that must be carried out.

The communication team of the Augustinian Recollects in the Philippines has set up a web page from which all the information of the provincial chapter of St. Ezekiel Moreno can be followed.