The fire of the Spirit in the heart of the Augustinian Recollect formators

The School of Formation has concluded the first of its three weeks in the Desert of the Candelaria (Colombia). Until February 17th some thirty Augustinian Recollect formators will reflect and mark the guidelines to follow in the formation of the Order of Augustinian Recollects

The School of Formation that the Order of Augustinian Recollects has devised to train companions and trainers has begun, and to do so from within the charism itself. On January 28, the formators of the four provinces of the Order met in the Desert of La Candelaria (Colombia) to participate in these days, promoted and organized by the General Secretariat of Spirituality and Formation, which will last three weeks.

It is an unprecedented initiative that gathers for the first time 35 Augustinian Recollect trainers until February 17 with the aim of consolidating the fundamental task entrusted to them and dreaming of the best way as authentic companions.

To this the Prior General, Miguel Miró, invited him, in his greeting and his message, starting point of the reflection. “Let us dream together a formation in the Order that marks the heart, that tattooes the heart with the fire of the Spirit,” he said in a recorded message.

Determined to clarify their service, during the first week of meeting the formators have identified in that fire the charismatic features that can not be missing in the new Augustinian Recollect proposal for a formative itinerary. Symbol of this is the chosen motto – “In imum cordis”: Towards the deepest part of the heart – and the logo, with a burning heart. From this depth, which has brought them the school, they have felt called these days to be pilgrims along with other pilgrims, able to tune in with the hearts of those who are accompanied, able to be affected and involved in their lives , without fear of generating links, convinced that it is this relationship that heals and that helps along the way.

After the close of the intense work in the first week, they celebrated the Day of Consecrated Life and of Our Lady of Candelaria, together with the parishioners of the Candelaria Desert, an intimate and historic place for the Order. It would not have been possible to crown in a better way all the wealth generated and shared in this first week.

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