How does it feel to make the solemn profession as an Augustinian Recollect?

On Sunday, Freddy Daza made the solemn profession of his vows. Venezuelan, gave his final yes to Christ reaffirming his desire to follow him. “I believe that God calls each one in his own reality”, says

On February 10, 2019 will always be remembered by Freddy H. Daza. It was on this day, at the Convent of Our Lady of Good Counsel of Monachil (Granada), when he made the solemn profession of his vows as an Augustinian Recollect. Surrounded by other religious, young people in formation and lay people of the Secular Fraternity, Freddy-Venezuelan- said yes to Christ, reaffirming his desire to follow him.

As usual, he prostrated himself on the ground with his arms crossed in front of the altar before saying the formula of the profession and signing the minutes. What did you feel at that moment in front of the altar? “I have lived this day with great emotion,” he says. The celebration of Sunday has been, he explains, “the end of a long journey in which, together with the brothers, I have been deepening in the Augustinian Recollect charism and today I have given the definitive yes to give myself to this family and in it to church”.

Freddy met the Order of Augustinian Recollects in a youth ministry meeting. “They told me about the charism, about all that it is to be an Augustinian Recollect and this captivated me,” he recalls. Specifically, there was something of the charisma that caught his attention: “The fundamental thing is life in community.” From that moment he decided to enter as an Augustinian Recollect and begin the vocational process. “Every day I strengthened myself and gave me much more to this charisma.”

This young Venezuelan understands that “being an Augustinian Recollect is more than a charisma, a life”. Freddy summarizes the Augustinian Recollect vocation as “surrendering to a community of brothers at the service of the community and of the Church.” This is how an Augustinian Recollect “gives glory to God”. “This charism not only completes you or fills you with the support of the brothers, with all of it you build the Church and together the Kingdom of God is built together,” he replies.

Venezuela was present in the solemn profession. Before concluding, the Virgin of Coromoto was prayed for the situation in the country. The young Augustinian Recollect was very present in the celebration of family and his country. “I believe that God calls each one of the people from their context, from their own reality, that is where, regardless of their race, their color, their future perspectives makes this miracle and goes, as Saint Augustine says, converting it” .