Poor and peripheries, priorities for 2020

Under the guideline ‘We are prophets of the Kingdom’, your attention will be focused on this purpose. In the educational apostolate work has already begun under the Augustinian motto “Give what you have so that you can receive what you lack.”

The poor, the social projects and the peripheries will be the main axes of the apostolate of the Order of Augustinian Recollects for next year. All sections of the Augustinian Recollect apostolate already prepare their pastoral, social and educational action following the guidelines set by the General Curia for 2020 “We are prophets of the Kingdom: poor, social projects, peripheries.” Following this guide, each section already works to focus its work in this direction.

To specify this, each area has adapted the pedagogical-pastoral guideline to make its compression easier. In the case of the educational section, the Augustinian motto “Give what you have so that you can receive what you need” has been chosen, with which you are already working in the educational centers of Europe because they begin the new course this same month

The Agustino Recoleta ARCORES International Solidarity Network, following this line, has dedicated the Solidarity Heart Day to solidarity with the environment and the care of the common house, especially focused on ecological conversion.

In the case of youth and vocation ministry, the phrases of St. Augustine have been chosen “for the love of your love I do what I do”, from Las Confesiones. For its part, the Missionary and Ministerial Apostolate section will carry out its pastoral work directly following the guideline marked: “We are prophets of the Kingdom.” Both will start working in 2020.

The purpose of 2020 focuses its attention on the most needy and the poor, following the line of Pope Francis. The objective is to make known, from the different ministries, the social work carried out by the Augustinian Recollects, mark the poor as a priority and strengthen the value of solidarity justice. Faced with the challenge of social exclusion, injustice and the proliferation of a culture of death, the Order of Augustinian Recoletos is committed to mercy, the public defense of denied values, the option for the excluded and the esteem of interculturality.

The General Council decided in 2016 to establish guidelines that will guide the programs and activities of the Order during these six years (from 2017 to 2022). In this way, the lines that, as established, would mark the plans for the general secretariats and the commissions were “The Holiness”, for the year 2017; “Young people, faith and vocational discernment”, for the past year, “Creators of communion” for this year; “We are prophets of the Kingdom”, by 2020; “Creators of spaces for dialogue with the world and contemporary culture”, referring to 2021 and “A common apostolic project”, to conclude the sexennium.

The guidelines are oriented every year to one of the aspects that the Order of Augustinian Recoletos marked in the project of life and mission, in the vision section: men of community, missionary disciples, followers of poor Christ, obedient in charity, seekers of the Truth and prophets of the Kingdom.