800 teachers in the style of St. Augustine

The course of Augustinian pedagogy of the Uniagustiniana and the Red EDUCAR has started its fifth edition having trained 794 teachers from all over the world.

Last Monday, September 21, the Uniagustiniana of Bogota and the International Educational Network EDUCAR started a new edition of the virtual course of Augustinian pedagogy. This is the fifth installment of the diploma course that began in May 2018. Since then, 794 teachers from Augustinian Recollect educational centers around the world have completed this course of formation that immerses them even more in the Augustinian pedagogical model.

On this occasion, 136 professors from Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Guatemala, Panama, Peru and Venezuela are taking the course. As the main novelty, the fifth edition will be the first with a version in Portuguese. A total of 44 professors from educational centers in Brazil are taking this course, which has the full support of the Augustinian Recollect University in Colombia.

For the first time, the participants are also enrolled directly in the university, so they become students of the university, with all the advantages that this entails. Likewise, the certificate of the diploma is issued directly by the Uniagustiniana. The price of the course is $50 and it lasts approximately two weeks. In this edition, the Uniagustiniana and EDUCAR, understanding the difficulties faced by Venezuela, have offered the course free of charge in Venezuelan educational centers.

Tutors of the Portuguese version, which started this Monday.

The course, which is entirely virtual, has proved to be very satisfying for the students. The Augustinian Recollect educational centers are grateful for the possibility offered by the EDUCAR Network and the University. As an example, 50% of the faculty of Colegio San Agustin in Panama has already completed the course. Moreover, all the centers are waiting for a second stage, in which both educational institutions are already working to make available soon.

One of the best experiences of the previous editions took place last May. 140 of the 243 participants -from different parts of the world- of the previous promotion were able to meet virtually in a video call in which they presented their final course work.

The course is tutored by teachers from Uniagustiana. It consists of 80% of online work (readings, videos, questionnaires, reflections) and 20% of classroom work (sharing at the school and development of activities). It is organized in seven blocks: St. Augustine and the Augustinian Family; Foundations of Augustinian Pedagogy; The Student: protagonist of the educational act; The Augustinian Educator; Augustinian Values; Shared Mission and The OAR Institutional Educational Project.