Dialogue, pursuit and culture: the corporate image of 2021

The Order of Augustinian Recollects presents the logo of the guideline for the year 2021 in pastoral ministries, educational centers, communities and missions.

Simple and clear. This is the logo of the pedagogical-pastoral directive for 2021 ‘Creators of spaces of dialogue with the world and contemporary culture’. The Order of Augustinian Recollects has presented the corporate image that will represent the directive that will mark the work in pastoral ministries, educational centers, communities and missions from January to December 2021.

Creators of spaces of dialogue with the world and contemporary culture’ has been summarized in three key words that symbolize the directive and appear in the logo: dialogue, pursuit and culture. The Prior General explained it in the presentation sent to the religious: “Since the topic is complex, it seemed appropriate to us to synthesize it in three words, which offer the opportunity to focus on three dimensions of our charism and mission”. The three words appear in different colours (red, gold and dark grey) and overlap one another, accompanied by a box indicating the year. With the typeface, the colours and the layout, the Order intends to give an image of diversity, culture and modernity.

Dialogue, pursuit and culture are three important dimensions of the Augustinian Recollect charism and they are intended to be the contribution of the Augustinian Recollects to the world, especially in these delicate times that society is going through. The image and the guideline will be used in 2021, although in some places, like Spain or Mexico, where the course starts in September, work will begin with this image. It will appear alongside the official corporate image of the Order of Augustinian Recollects in digital formats, stationery or posters, among others. The logo will also be used by the different secretariats and commissions, adapting it to their own reality while respecting its form.

Dialogue, pursuit y culture

Dialogue has its roots in the Augustinian thought of becoming a participant in the life of the other, understanding the other, putting ourselves in the place of the other (empathy) and, from there, sharing what we have and allowing ourselves to be enriched by the contributions of others. Dialogue means openness to novelty, which is learning to unlearn in order to re-learn, to resilience, to creativity in the face of situations of uncertainty and knowing how to read the signs of the times.

The pursuit (of the Absolute Good) is one of the most outstanding aspects of the Augustinian Recollect spirituality. It uncovers our restlessness, dynamism, and interiority. “Do not go outside, but enter into yourself; the truth dwells in the interior of man” (De Vera Religione, 39, 72). This pursuit invites us to welcome the newness of each day without losing the essence that defines us and whose foundation we find in God.

Culture speaks to us of encounter, of having bridges, of opening ourselves to the diversity of persons and contexts where we live. Culture also reminds us of the valuable legacy we have received and the responsibility we have to transmit it. “The Order of Augustinian Recollects is, with full rights, heir to the religious family founded by St. Augustine. The spiritual patrimony of the Order is the life, doctrine and Rule of St. Augustine, the Forma de Vivir and our healthy traditions, as well as the examples of holiness and the care for the kingdom of God of so many religious who, throughout the centuries, have given splendor to the great Augustinian family” (Const. 7). As sons of St. Augustine we are called to contribute to the cultural development of our time, to allow ourselves to be enlightened and enlightened by the richness of our lives and tradition.