St. Magdalene of Nagasaki, in 2023

The Secular Augustinian Recollect Augustinian Recollect Fraternity has a new image of its patroness, the work of the Mexican artist Bernardo Ramonfaur and created digitally.

To all the representations we have of St. Magdalene of Nagasaki now joins one more. This is a digital illustration by Mexican artist Bernardo Ramonfaur. The composition, which represents the Augustinian Recollect martyr with a youthful face, was created at the request of the Coordinating Team of the Secular Augustinian Recollect Fraternities, with the desire to give the FSAR a new image of their patroness.

The illustration shows Magdalene of Nagasaki, represented with a very youthful face, a serious countenance and a direct look at the viewer. The image has two main tones: pink and green. The former appears around the saint. The palm, a characteristic element of martyrdom, can also be seen.

Bernardo Ramonfaur is a native of Monterrey (Mexico). He has a bachelor’s degree in visual arts and a master’s degree in design. Through his project Iknu, he creates illustrations of contemporary sacred art. Some of them are published in the social networks of Inquietar, the vocational platform of the Augustinian Recollects.