What is being an Augustinian Recollect?

Augustinian Recollect Vocation

What is an Augustinian Recollect?

He is a man who, in order to love God and neighbor, has professed vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, lives in a community of brothers according to the charism of St. Augustine and the spirit of the Order and serves the Church in parishes, missions, schools and houses of formation.

What is the vocation?

Each vocation is an internal call. The vocation to the Order of Augustinian Recollects is a personal call from God to be part of this family to follow Jesus Christ in community religious life.

Males can do it as:

  • Priests. The Augustinian Recollects priests are men who, in addition to the vocation to communal religious life in the Order, are called in the Church to carry out the activities proper to the ministerial priesthood.
  • Brothers. The Augustinian Recollect brothers are men who, having a vocation to religious life in the Order, do not feel called to the ministerial priesthood. They are Augustinian Recollects who serve the Church of God and humanity in varied professions and tasks.

Our family also includes women, the Augustinian Recollects, in two possible forms of religious life:

  • Contemplative life. They dedicate themselves fully to prayer.
  • Active life. They work in diverse fields of mission.

Although the male and female branches have independence, they are joined by the spiritual bonds of St. Augustine.