The Augustinian Recollects visit two villages affected by the rains in Peru

On Friday, April 7, representatives of two Augustinian Recollect institutions from Chota reached the communities of Palo Blanco and Los Porongos in the district of San Juan de Licupís, which have suffered landslides and landslides due to the intense rains that have fallen in recent months in This part of the district of Chota, in Cajamarca, Peru.

To the place arrived Fr. Nicolas Vigo, director of Santa Monica Radio and Miguel Vega, manager of the NGO Haren Alde Chota. The reason for the visit was to see, on the scene, the magnitude of the disaster and gather information about the situation of the inhabitants of the place.

To that end, the people and authorities talked about this, which provided a wealth of information that the director of the radio stored to be broadcast by the radio station and sent to the different media of social communication and to those who have the Order of Augustinian Recollects in the world in order to call Care and channel help for these affected peoples.

After a dangerous three-hour hike they arrived in Palo Blanco and Los Porongos where they verified the state of these hamlets.