New impulse for the revitalization team of the Order

The Order’s revitalization team meets this week in Rome to take stock and plan future initiatives. This team, composed of Fr. Enrique A. Eguiarte, Fr. Lauro Larlar, Fr. Jairo Soto, Fr. Carlos González, Fr. Carlos María Domínguez and Fr. José Ramón Pérez, began to meet five years ago at the request of the Prior General To serve the Order as support in the process of revitalization and restructuring.

The meeting is reviewing the objectives that were proposed with the Augustinian spiritual exercises, prayer workshops and other training materials at the service of the Augustinian Recollect family.

After the last General Chapter new initiatives have emerged that will be scheduled during these days and which will begin to have an impact on the life of the communities in the coming months.

Taking advantage of the presence of the team in the General Curia of Rome, we asked them to explain to us what their impression is on the road started, what are the new challenges that are presented and some anticipation of new developments that we face: