The General Council confirms ARCORES, the new Augustinian Recollect solidarity network

The new statutes have already been approved by the General Council of the Order. The work of Arcores has already begun to walk in Venezuela, Mexico and the Philippines.
The new Augustinian Recollect international solidarity network begins to be a reality. The General Council held in the General Curia of Rome last week approved the statutes of ARCORES. Once the Prior General and his counselors have ratified the creation of the new solidarity network and pending its presentation in December, ARCORES can already function as a member of the Augustinian Recollect family. The process, which began in April this year, begins to close.
The General Council also approved the statutes of the Commission of Social Apostolate that will be in charge of coordinating the action of ARCORES international. The meeting table listened to the proposals of the provincial priors and introduced some of them into the network’s statutes.
The net ARCORES will group all the social actions already carried out by different NGOs and provinces around the world. Each country will establish its own delegation. The union is of the entire Augustinian Recollect family, since in this unification there are also the social works of the MAR (Augustinian Recollect Missionaries), the Augustinian Recollect Sisters and the Augustinian Recollect of the Heart of Jesus. These will be presented the by-laws of the network.
The Prior General of the Order of Augustinian Recollects, Fr. Miguel Miró, celebrates the approval of ARCORES, which puts in the hands of God to do what he designates. “This integration makes us an even bigger heart,” he said. He added that service to the poor and the needy is precisely the message of Christ. “Many times not only is enough prayer, but we have to get to work,” he said.

Already working in Venezuela, Mexico and the Philippines

The Order has ratified work that had already begun in Venezuela, Mexico and the Philippines, where needs had urged the creation of ARCORES delegations in these countries to begin work.
In Venezuela it is already a reality. Last week was blessed the operational headquarters of the network in the South American country. At the first meeting held, the form of work was celebrated and the current projects on which it was necessary to begin to help were defined. These first actions will be nourished mainly of the funds of the campaign “United with Venezuela”.
In that first assembly, which included the Mother Superior of the Augustinian Recollect of the Heart of Jesus, and the Vicars of Venezuela, ARCORES Venezuela connected with the direction and technical direction of ARCORES Internacional in Spain. In the videoconference, with Fr. Antonio Carrón who is in charge of the new network, the Prior General was also present. Fr. Miguel Miró encouraged us to continue working together to continue moving forward.
In Mexico and the Philippines, work teams have also been set up to start working for others. In the Central American country the emergency was activated after the terrible earthquake that shook the country three weeks ago.