Nuestra Vida

Our life

To be Augustinian Recollect means to live the Christian life in the style of St. Augustine: having a deep experience of prayer, sharing life in community and working for the Kingdom of God.

Community life

For the Augustinian Recollects, fraternal life is very important. Each community organizes its life preparing a project of life and mission in which the times of common prayer and fraternal coexistence, community activities and various apostolic services are indicated. The community is apostolic and its first apostolate is the community itself. The Augustinian Recollect, living his own charism and in communion with the local church, evangelizes and exercises his apostolic ministry. Contemplation is a primordial element of the patrimony of Saint Augustine and the Order.


Faithful followers of St. Augustine, great philosopher and eminent theologian, whose writings and elevated doctrine have given him the title of Doctor of the Church and one of the Fathers of the Western Church, the Augustinian Recollects seek an intellectual and cultural formation that allows them to serve better in their apostolates.


Contemplative love, in addition to uniting souls and hearts in community, is in itself diffusive and apostolic. The religious Augustinian Recollect is called to carry within himself love, whose essence is to give and communicate; the more he participates in the knowledge and love of God, the more strongly he tends to spread that knowledge and that love.


It is clear that the mission of the Augustinian Recollects is not reduced to a specific activity, but must be characterized by their availability to respond to the needs of the Church. It is for this reason that the work of the Augustinian Recollects is very varied. The work carried out in the different parishes can be highlighted, as well as the laudable dedication that the Recoletos have had in the different mission territories entrusted to them. There are currently nine mission territories served by the Augustinian Recollects: China, Sierra Leone, Bocas del Toro in Panama, Chota in Peru, Marajó Island and the Amazon in Brazil, Trinidad in Colombia, Taiwan and Cuba.