Augustinian Recollect Spirituality Centers

The Augustinian Recollect Centers of Spirituality (CEAR) suppose a great response to the man of today, a man uprooted, disintegrated and in search of meaning.

The goal is in line with Pope Francis’s call: “We are called to create a society capable of recognizing the dignity of each person and sharing the gift that each one is for the other.” Here they find their reason for being.

It covers the human being in all its dimension, without losing sight of the final goal: the encounter with the interior Master, who nourishes and vivifies the meaning and reason of existence.

Located in different parts of the world where the Augustinian Recollects are present, the CEARs offer spiritual formation and personal accompaniment on the path of the Christian vocation.

The areas of practice of the CEAR are:

Human growth

Through courses and workshops that facilitate the knowledge of oneself, through the interiority proposed by Saint Augustine. Walk the path of Jesus man to reach Christ the God.


From what was previously “spiritual direction” now it is “integral accompaniment” with a more delicate treatment to the person.

Social action

Relieving the urgent needs of the place where they are and transforming their environment. The measure of love is love without measure.

Augustinian experiences

Through retreats of silence, spiritual exercises and prayer workshops where one speaks from one’s own life and share it in the style of Saint Augustine. Unification of the heart.


It is about forming people in Augustinian philosophy who have evangelical attitudes, capable of changing the world as Christians. They create what they learn, teach what they believe, practice what they teach.


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