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Saturday, 10 October 2015
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October 2015

All rational life, if perfect, submits to the changeless truth which speaks inwardly in the conscience without noise but, if reason does not submit to the truth, it becomes corrupted.De vera religione 55, 110.om with devout humility. ...

Between the 15th and the 18th of September more than 5,000 young men and women religious were assembled in Rome to celebrate the year of Consecrated Life. Their various habits and charisms showed that the flourishing tree of consecrated life continues to give abundant fruit in the church´s orchard. There are also young people today […]
It´s about the Education proposal for Development that the Augustinian Recollect NGOD Haren Alde…

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Foto de grupo de todos los jóvenes agustinos recol

After the participation of various young Augustinian Recollects in the World Meeting of Young Consecrated last September 15 to 19 in Rome, a day of prayer, reflection and work took place convoked by the Prior General of the Order, Miguel Miro, with the purpose of being able to share the fruits of the meeting and to deepen in the different aspects…


The religious in formation stage from the different centers of Spain spend together a time during every summer to live together and know deeper the topics proper to the life of an Augustinian recollect.  From August 30, a total of 32 formands met this year in Salamanca.

Jóvenes consagrados OAR

Among the scheduled activities in the Year of Consecrated Life, one of those most important  was the World Meeting for youth, which took place in Rome from the 15 to 19 of September.  In this gathering  29 augustinian recollects participated coming from all corners f the world.

September 2015. México

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Historia II

It is already on sale and circulation the volume II of the History of the Augustitnian Recollects.  Volume I was published 20 years ago, but the third and the last one, which will  cover also the present, will see light in 2016.

Lavatorio de los pies

Por la bula Misericordiae vultus, del pasado 11 de abril, el papa Francisco convocaba un Jubileo de la Misericordia que se celebrará en toda la Iglesia desde el 8 de diciembre de 2015 hasta el 20 de noviembre de 2016. Ilustramos la solemnidad de san Agustín con una colaboración en la que el presidente del Instituto de…

Carlos María ST

Fray Carlos Maria Dominguez was elected Prior Provincial in the 35th Provincial Chapter of the Province of St Thomas of Villanova which ended last July 18 in Monachil (Granada, Spain).  He is from Argentina, born in San Martin, province of Buenos Aires, December 23, 1965.

From 1995 to 2003 he carried out in his country an intensive work as…


August is the month of the Augustinian Saints, and the setting most appropriate for one of the initiatives of the Congregation of the Religious for the Year dedicated to the Consecrated Life.  The places of the “stations” are indicated, to each time of the occasion  the corresponding formulas were given.


Ten young men from Argentina, Venezuela, India, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Mexico have entered the Order of Augustinian Recollects. They professed their religious vows before the Prior General after completing their year of novitiate. A new formation team will take charge of the novitiate in Monteagudo, Spain.


Fray Jose Sergio  Sanchez Moreno (Tlalnepantla, Mexico, 1961) was elected prior provincial of the Province of St. Nicholas of Tolentine last April.  His office was confirmed in the 126th Provincial Chapter concluded last May 28.  In almost four centuries of the history of  the mother Province of the Order, he is the first …

Visita del curso de renovación a Montefalco

Several are the activities of spiritual nature that take place for the entire Order throughout the month of July.  This year, two months of preparation for the solemn profession, a Course of Renewal and  several batches of spiritual exercises, among others.

 In general terms, the months of July and August give a beak of activity to…


With the Decree of approval of May 20, the highest authority of the church approves the newly revised Rule of life as well as the Statutes of the Secular Fraternity.   This is to certify the authenticity  and timeliness of this charism.  In the new text, which we present, the secular Augustinian recollects finds its guide and…

28 August 2015 Solemnity of our Father Saint Augustine Jn. 10, 7-18:. Homily of Saint Augustine (S. 138, 1-2) «We have heard the Lord, presenting us the figure of the good pastor, from which we can conclude that he was asking us to understand that…
10 October

St Thomas of Villanova, bishop, Patron of studies in the Order

October, 10

Feast ON: Saint Thomas of Villanova, Bishop, Patron of Studies in our Order

2Cor 8:9, 13-15; 9:10-15  Thou he was rich, Christ became poor for your sake.

Ps 112  He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord.

Mt 6:1-4  When you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.

> Reviews of St. Augustine to readings

Mensaje final del encuentro
Comunicaciones OAR, 03.10.2015
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Madre Mariana de San José. Obras completas

Las monjas agustinas recoletas tienen el gusto de ofrecer la lectura de las obras de la madre…

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