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Saturday, 1 November 2014
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November 2014

By reason of its weight, the body strives to its own place. Yet a weight strives not so much to sink to the very lowest depths, but rather to its proper place. Fire tends upward; a stone downward. Oil poured out beneath water is raised up above water. Water poured on top of oil sinks down…...

September 18th Ebola is at the door
The news about the Ebola virus and its mortal effects have burst into our lives in the last few months like a cry from the heart of Africa; a cry that in some has brought about worry and anguish, or in others more humanitarian feelings. Still others have maybe left indifferent, not sensing it as […]
Laura and Itziar , two volunteers from Pamplona (Navarre, Spain) have continued their journey…

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Grupo de participantes en el encuentro de centros

During the week of October 6-10 Colegio Fray Luis de León in Querétaro, Mexico, hosted the First Interprovincial Encounter of Augustinian Recollect Educational Centers. In attendance were the administrative personnel (both religious and lay) of the Mexican host school, the Ciudad de los Niños in Costa Rica, the Colegio…


En los alrededores de Nagasaki se están descubriendo algunas de las cuevas en las que los cristianos perseguidos vivían y celebraban su culto. Y en 2015 se celebrará el 150º Aniversario del descubrimiento de los “cristianos ocultos”, que en Japón vivían en la clandestinidad desde los tiempos de…


René González is one of the four Augustinian Recollects who remain in Sierra Leone, a country affected by the Ebola epidemic. Three years ago he left his post as teacher at Romareda College in Saragossa, Spain, to go to the Order's mission in Sierra Leone. He tells us how he sees the situation and says that prayer is the best support…


Since the last General Chapter (2010), the Augustinnian Recollects have been immersed in a strong current of renewal, which will involve restructuring as much as necessary. Several documents have been written to motivate the religious, and superiors are exerting constant efforts to lead the Order in this direction.


This past August the Augustinian Recollect Uniagustiniana University in Bogotá hosted the First International Congress on Saint Augustine with the theme "1600 Years of the City of God." That period indicates the time that has passed since Saint Augustine began to write one of his principal works, De Civitate Dei.


On August 18 the town of Amadeo was all aglow with the opening event of the three-year celebration (2014-2017) of the 4th Centenary of Augustinian Recollect ministry in Cavite City and the 50th anniversary of San Sebastian College - Recoletos in the same city.

September 2014. ITALIA

La hora de la Formación Permanente

El Instituto de Espiritualidad e Historia de la Orden nos ofrece una serie de trabajos para la formación permanente de los hermanos. No son trabajos aislados; hay que situarlos en el contexto de la revitalización de la Orden desde nuestra identidad carismática. Con diferentes perspectivas, desarrollan el tema propuesto para…


The Augustinian Recollect Sisters of the Heart of Jesus recently held their 11th Ordinary General Chapter at Madre de los Teques House in Miranda, Venezuela. In the setting of the solemnity of Saint Augustine, the sisters re-elected Sister Marelis Teresa Parada Guillén as their Superior General. Sister Marelis was a former mistress of…


Serafín Prado (1910-1987), religioso agustino recoleto y poeta dotado de una fina sensibilidad, destacó por un sentido de la vista despierto, con el que disfrutó de la belleza de la naturaleza, para él una expresión y reflejo de la Belleza del Creador, de Dios. Fray Serafín compuso sus poemas en respuesta…


The desire to enter China on the part of the Augustinian Recollects dates back to 1650. The plan failed due to lack of resources and the subjugation of the religious institutes to the Spanish and Portuguese empires. In the course of time two friars, Augustinian discalced from Italy, succeeded in entering the imperial court of China. They were…

28 September 2014 Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) Mt 21:28-32: (De s. virg. 36, 36) «¡Let those who search for you mercy and truth, listen to you and if they reach you, let them learn from you to become meek and humble, living for you, and…
05 November

Blessed Mariano de la Mata Aparicio, priest

November, 1


Rv 7, 2-4. 9-14: I had a vision of a great multitude, which no one could count; from every nation, race, people and tongue.

Ps 24: Lord, this is the people that longs to see your face.

1Jn 3, 1-3: We shall see God as he is.

Mt 5, 1-12a: Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven.

> Reviews of St. Augustine to readings

Venancio Martínez, Corazón…
José Manuel Romero, OAR, 15.10.2014
Dame lo que mandas


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De camino a la Corte y la fundación de las Agustinas Recoletas en Palencia

 El convento palentino de Nuestra Señora de la Expectación, regentado por las…

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Peregrinando hacia el Amor

Sor Alicia nos invita a reflexionar y orar sobre nuestra condición de peregrinos hacia Dios.…

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