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Saturday, 13 February 2016
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February 2016

We would not know darkness if we were all the time in the dark; but the knowledge of the light helps us recognize the contrary. De duabus animabus 8,10...

Three months ago I began preparing the Report on the state of the Order, in anticipation of the General Chapter in October 2016. Before sending it out to all the religious, I handed it to the general council and the precapitular commission. In the Report, I set out what has been carried out over these […]

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Last December 14 Pope Francis communicated to Cardinal Angelo Amato the announcement of the decree that recognizes the heroic virtues of the Servant of God Maria Esperanza Ayerbe.  A few days back the decree was published  in which the Pope ordered to draw up in each case.  This deals  of a document of highest authority that…

Joseph Gallardo

Hoy 25 de enero ha fallecido el P. Joseph Gallardo, Prior Provincial de la provincia San Agustín con casas en Estados Unidos y México. El P. Gallardo fue reelegido prior provincial en el año 2013. Desde la Curia General de la Orden de Agustinos Recoletos, queremos unirnos a su familia y encomendamos su alma.

Curso de formadores en Colombia

From 18 to 23 of January 2016, an assembly for  Formators of the Order of Augustininan Recollects was held in the convent of El Desierto de la Candelaria, Colombia.

Presentación Historia de los Agustinos Recoletos.

El pasado 14 de enero, en el auditorio del CARDI, en la parroquia de Nuestra Señora de los Hospitales (Colonia Doctores) de la Ciudad de México, se presentó para las comunidades de América el segundo tomo de la Historia de los Agustinos Recoletos. A esta presentación le precedió el acto organizado en…

Comisión precapitular

From January 12-15 the pre-capitular commission is carrying out its meeting in the General Curia of the Order in Rome to attend to its assigned task which comprise of a religious from each province.

Curso Renovación para América

Last Sunday of January 10 they started in the house of the Recollection of Ahuatepec the 26 augustinian recollects  registered in the Renewal Course for America, coming from Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, USA, Italia, Peru, Venezuela and Mexico.

Noviciado 2

El pasado 2 de enero el prior general de la Orden, Miguel Miró, firmaba un oficio por el que nombraba el equipo de formación del Noviciado de El Desierto de la Candelaria, en Colombia. Al día siguiente, comenzaban su noviciado 10 jóvenes de Colombia y Brasil.

Prior General saludo Navidad 2015

Desde la Curia General en Roma, el Prior General de la Orden de Agustinos Recoletos quiere hacer llegar a toda la familia agustino recoleta un mensaje para esta Navidad 2015.


El pasado 5 de diciembre se presentaba en Madrid el volumen II de la Historia de los Agustinos Recoletos, que abarca el siglo XIX. Su autor es Ángel Martínez Cuesta, agustino recoleto e historiador. Al evento acudieron de manera especial el Prior y Consejo generales de la Orden, así como los priores provinciales de las ocho…

Madre Esperanza Ayerbe

The Holy Father received Cardinal Angelo Amato SDB on December 14, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and authorized the proclamation of the decree that recognizes the heroic virtues of the Servant of God Maria Ezperanza de la Cruz, Spanish co-foundress religious of the Augustinian Recollect Missionaries.

Eucaristía 25 aniversario Fraternidad Granada

On the days December 3- 5, the 25th anniversary of the Secular Fraternity of St. Thomas of Villanova, Granada, was celebrated, with different activities.  Added to these activities was the General Council and the prior provincials of the Order, who met together on these days in Monachil.

14  February 2016 First Sunday of Lent (C) Lk. 4:1-13: Homily of Saint Augustine (Sermon 313 E, 4) “At the time of temptation, when the Lord was tempted that we might learn to resist the tempter, the devil said to the Lord: If you are the Son of…
13 February

Blessed Christine of Spoleto

February, 13

Saturday after Ash Wednesday

Is 58:9b-14  If you bestow your bread on the hungry, then light shall rise for you in the darkness.

Ps 86  Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth.

Lk 5:27-32  I have not come to call righteous to repentance but sinners.

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Decreto Madre María…
Cardenal Angelo Amato, 03.02.2016
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Cleusa Carolina Rody Coelho. Sangre derramada

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Historia de los Agustinos Recoletos. Vol II. El siglo XIX.

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