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Monday, 30 November 2015
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November 2015

Because the corruption of the body, which burdens the soul, is not the cause of the first sin, but its penalty; the depraved flesh did not make the soul sinful, rather the perverted soul gave birth to bodily corruption. De Doctrina Christiana XIV, 3....

November 25th A liquid war
It is for me a source of great pain and consternation the massacre which has been committed a few days ago in Paris: nearly two hundred dead and three hundred wounded. The President of France, Hollande, affirmed that this is a war, and this same thing was said by the terrorists. This is what Pope […]
Easter is a time of joy and fellowship; this most important feast of the Christians is also a feast…

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Curso de capacitadores en México

From November 3 - 7 a training workshop was held in the “Casa de la Recoleccion” (Cuernavaca, Mexico) ,in order to impart the Augustinian spiritual exercises as well as the presentation of the third volume on the workshops of  prayer with St. Augustine.  Thirty two participated in the course, among them male and female…

Agustinos Recoletos en Luque (Córdoba)

Tras 180 años de ausencia de la OAR en la localidad cordobesa de Luque, han vuelto a estar presente en sus calles los frailes agustinos recoletos.  Este regreso tuvo lugar el pasado 7 de noviembre con motivo de la presentación de un libro sobre su historia en aquella localidad andaluza y la celebración de una…

El Prior General , Miguel Miró, Fray Ademildo , el

On November 13, the feast of the Saints of the Order, after nine days of intensive work, the Chapter of the Province of St. Rita of Cassia came to a close.  The Project of Life and Mission was elaborated that marks the direction of the Province in the coming years and  the person to be at its  helm  was elected.

XVI Capítulo Provincial Santa Rita de Casia

In November 4 the 16Ith Provincial Chapter of the Province of St. Rita of Cassia, in Brasil, opened.  In this assembly which is presided by the Prior General of the Order, Miguel Order, participated another 21 religious which took place in the Congregation of Jesus, Maria, Jose in the city of France (Sao Paulo).

Bureau Veritas 3

Last Wednesday of October 28 in the Auditorium of San Nicolas, the Uniagustiniana of Colombia received the Certification from  Bureau Veritas under the standard ISO 9001, which acknowledges the excellence and quality in all its level of Higher Education.

El Cardenal Lacunza y el Papa Francisco durante el

El Cardenal Lacunza fue creado cardenal por el papa Francisco en febrero de 2015, convirtiéndose de este modo en el primer cardenal de la Orden de los Agustinos Recoletos. Además es miembro del Consejo Pontificio de la Cultura y de la Congregación para la Educación Católica,  y de la Comisión para…

Curso en Filipinas sobre los EE.EE y Taller de Ora

From October 19 to 23 the sixth training course took place in Cebu, Philippines in the Talavera House of Prayer in order to give the spiritual exercises and workshops on Augustinian prayers.  There were 42 persons who participated in the course coming from different ministries of the Province of St. Ezekiel in the Philippines.

Plenaria del Secretariado de formación

Durante la semana del 12 al 18 de octubre se han llevado a cabo las asambleas plenarias de los Secretariados de Formación, Espiritualidad en Roma, y una reunión general del Secretariado de Pastoral Juvenil y Vocacional en Cuernavaca (México).

Cardenal Lacunza

The Sunday of October 18, Cardinal Jose Luis Lacunza sworn in of the titular church in Rome which was entrusted to him, the Parish of San Jose de Cupertino.  During the Sunday Mass, the bulls of appointment were read, and Lacunza had the opportunity of addressing himself to the faithful, to know and greet them one by one.

Ponencia 400 aniversario OAR en Granada

Last October 10, the liturgical feast of an Augustinian bishop St. Thomas of Villanova,  and in a school in Granada which takes its name, the closing of the IV Centenary of the presence of the Order of the Augustinian Recollects in Granada took place.  This IV centenary started on the same day in 2014 and for a year took shape a wide…

Jornada Corazón Solidario 2015

On November 8 the Solidarious Heart Day 2015 will be held with the slogan “Human Rights, the brethren’s Rights”. This is a day of spiritual celebration for the Missions, the missionaries, the social works, the volunteers and the beneficiaries of all that this good thing  the OAR Family makes throughout the world and in so…

Foto de grupo de todos los jóvenes agustinos recol

After the participation of various young Augustinian Recollects in the World Meeting of Young Consecrated last September 15 to 19 in Rome, a day of prayer, reflection and work took place convoked by the Prior General of the Order, Miguel Miro, with the purpose of being able to share the fruits of the meeting and to deepen in the different aspects…

29 November 2015 First Sunday of Advent (C) Lk. 21: 25-28:    Homily of Saint Augustine  (Ep. 199, 3) «With regards to this theme, we can cite what is written in the Gospel according Mark:  Keep vigil, then, because you do not know when  the…
05 December

Anniversary of the Recollection

November, 30

Feast: Saint Andrew, Apostle

Rom 10:9-18  The faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the word of Christ.

Ps 19  The judgments of the Lord are true, and all of them are just.

Mt 4:18-22  Immediately they left their nets and followed him.

> Reviews of St. Augustine to readings

2. The Word, journey to…
L. Audisio OAR, 16.11.2015
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Madre Mariana de San José. Obras completas

Las monjas agustinas recoletas tienen el gusto de ofrecer la lectura de las obras de la madre…

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Historia general de los Agustinos Recoletos XIII

Historia general de los Agustinos Recoletos. Tomo XIII

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